Mrs F Collins Headteacher
  Mrs D Sheridan Deputy Head
 Child Protection/Educational Visits Coordinator    Maths Leader/ Behaviour/Work Experience

I was appointed headteacher of the Junior School in September 1999.
The Infant School federated with the Junior School in September 2006
and I became head of the Federation.
​St. Mary's Priory is a wonderful communityand I feel privileged to be part of it.
  My career at St Mary's Priory started as a class teacher in 2001, was then appointed DeputyHeadteacher in the Infant School in 2007 and across the Federation in 2010. 
Mrs C Neli - Assistant Head Teacher/InclusionChild Protection   Mrs M Georgiou-Assistant Head Teacher of Learning

                                                                                             Administration Staff

Mrs G Stan School Business Manager


Mrs L McConnell  Office Manager

Mrs P Gibson Finance Officer  


Mrs N Campbell Admin Officer

Mrs K Callaghan Welfare Officer/Senior SMSA



Infant Staff


Junior Staff

Miss T McKinney Nursery Teacher    Ms P Barnes 3B Class Teacher

Mrs Y Nalbant  Nursery Nurse 


Ms C Moffatt Learning Assistant

Mrs S Thomas Nursery Nurse   Mrs A Gyampoh 3G Class Teacher/Science/Health Lead
Mrs C Bohorquez Alvarez Learning Assistant


Ms A Greenan Learning Assistant

Miss S Jay Owl Class Teacher   Ms J Coxon 4M Class Teacher

Mrs R Pavarani Nursery Nurse


Mrs S Peric Learning Assistant

Mrs C McVeagh Penguin Class Teacher   Mrs A Noriega 4N Class Teacher
Mrs M Moscattini Nursery Nurse   Ms S Baderman Learning Assistant
Ms L Joseph Robin Class Teacher   Ms D Sambrook 5S Teacher
Mrs B Dymek Learning Assistant   Mrs J Guy Learning Assistant/First Aider
Ms S McLaughlin Swan Class Teacher/RE Lead   Ms D Gilbert 5G Class Teacher
Mrs N Maniscalchi Learning Assistant   Mrs J Eastmond Learning Assistant
Mrs Goulas and Ms Mylonas Dove ClassTeachers   Ms M Drozd 6D Class Teacher
Mrs G Negro Learning Assistant   Mrs W Bieniek Learning Assistant
Mr B Humphreys Woodpecker ClassTeacher/PE Lead/Phase Leader    Mr M Goder 6G Teacher/DT Lead

Ms M McDermott Learning Assistant


Mrs G McCarthy Learning Assistant/First Aider

Mrs A Ali -EMAG-(Ethnic Minority and Achievement Grant Teacher)   Mrs F Fisher ICT Lead/PPA/Cover Teacher
Mrs L Pelizza Senior First Aider   Ms L Pantelli Assessment Leader/MFL/PPA/Cover 
Mrs R Bedassie Nursery/Special Needs Assistant   Ms J George Learning Assistant
Mrs Reiske-Luczkiewicz Special Needs Assistant   Mrs A Ablakwa Special Needs Assistant

Mrs A Brown SMSA


Mrs M Giliotti Special Needs Assistant

Mrs S Prince SMSA   Mrs L Fernandes Learning Assistant/First Aider

Mrs A Sista SMSA

  Ms K Cleary Special Needs Assistant
Mr K Serukenya  Music Teacher    Mrs M Ellison EMA/First Aider
Mrs I Mongan Art Specialist   Mrs L McFarlane SMSA/Breakfast Club Assistant
    Mr M White Volunteer Teacher

Kitchen Staff   Site Manager and Cleaners
Mrs Norma Farquharson Cook   Mr S Murphy Site Manager
Mrs Mary Griffith Assistant Cook   Mrs F D'Silva Cleaner
    Mrs M Rudacka Cleaner
    Mrs E Gavino Cleaner


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